GastGo is an app for independent professional and the busy client

GastGo Client

GastGo is designed for the busy clients who don't want to waste time waiting at the salon or barbershop. All you simply do is sign up on GastGo, find a professional near you, book an appointment and attend for your service.

GastGo Professional

GastGo is perfect for independent professionals who own their own salon, hired a studio from GastGo or work from home. As a GastGo professional, you concentrate on providing a great service as we send customers to you.

GastGo Barber Ambassador

GastGo Ambassador

GastGo Ambassador is a prestige position only available for professionals who have a good track record and fully qualified to visit clients homes and provide a bespoke service. GastGo Ambassadors are available on call wherever you are.

Having a busy professional lifestyle, it is important to be able to book an appointment with my barber at any time. GastGo has made it possible for me to view by barber's diary at anytime, book an appointment and just show up.

I have the privilege of working with clients around London where I can attend to whatever location they prefer being their home or place of work. As a GastGo Professional, I am able to set my own prices and choose my working hours.

As a GastGo Professional with my own business practice set at home, I am able to be able to manage my business working part time. GastGo provides me with a card payment system, booking system and my own unique web link for free.

As a busy professional, the last thing I want to do is spending a lot of time calling my hairdresser and trying to book an appointment. GastGo gives me direct access to my hairdresser's services, prices and availability and all I do is book an appointment.

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