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GastGo is an online based platform with a community of professionals and clients within the beauty and hair industry. GastGo promotes independent professionals, their work, business and location to existing and new customers. GastGo allows stylists, barbers, beauty therapists, massage therapists, make-up artists, nail technicians etc. to promote their work and services with full control of their prices and business hours regardless of their business location. The professional can then focus on what they do best while GastGo provides a platform where clients can find them without the cost of marketing.


At the same time, GastGo helps clients find suitable professionals anywhere and book services they require at any time. Clients are able to find a professional in their local area, read the professional's review and book a service. After the service, the client is required to leave their own feedback about their experience with the professional. As a client, you are able to save your favourite professionals for future bookings whenever you want.


GastGo brings together professionals and clients by providing them a unique efficient platform for managing and maintaining their business and busy lifestyles.

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GastGo Client Profile Page

Set up your own profile as a GastGo client which will enable you to search for GastGo Professionals around your area, make a booking and attend the service. The GastGo Professionals will rate you as a customer after the service and you can can also rate the professional and save them as your favourite for future bookings.

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GastGo Search for Professionals

GastGo provides a search platforms where clients are able to search for professionals around them or in any location. Clients can access the professional list of services, duration and costs. The are also able to read the professional's reviews and location before they access their diary and book an appointment.

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GastGo Professional Profile Page

Any professional can download the GastGo app for free, set up an account, add their business location, a list of their services, set their own price and their working hours. All profiles are taken through a vetting process before clients are able to find you, access your diary and book a service based on your price.


Our vision is to become the market leading tech company in the hair, beauty and cosmetic industry around the world by 2027


Our mission is to empower independent professionals in the hair, beauty and cosmetic industry by giving them more and flexibility of when and where they want to work whilst maximising their earning using GastGo


Integrity - We maintain our integrity to our members of staff, professionals, clients and ambassadors on through data protection

Innovation - Continue to improve our platforms and create more opportunities for all our professionals to maximise their income

Diversity - We've created a company and platform where everyone is accepted and respected based on who they are, the value they add to our communities, society and company

Social Responsibility - Building an ethical company and platforms. Create a balance between economic growth, benefit our working environment and contribute to the welfare our our society

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